We can see your bush Anna!

Anna Friel upskirt bushEnglish celeb Anna Friel suffers an upskirt as she tries to get out of a car in front of the waiting paparazzi, who are rewarded with a glimpse of bush as Anna’s tight panties are evidently too small to cover everything downstairs. Either that or it’s time for a bikini wax…

Anna Friel goes commando in London

Anna Friel upskir no pantiesDaring actress Anna Friel got into a London cab and for some reason lifted her skirt knowing full well the paparazzi were swarming around her like bees round a honey pot. Well, she almost revealed her honey pot as from the looks of it she wasn’t wearing any panties. The brunette beauty has never been shy about getting nude for sex scenes and she certainly wasn’t shy on this occasion either.