Cheryl Cole plays peek-a-boob at Cannes

Cheryl Cole nip slipShe may have flopped in America but Cheryl Cole was a big hit at the Cannes film festival recently when her right nipple poked out the side of her dress.

Cheryl Cole wears pink panties

Cheryl Cole upskirt picAn ungracious Cheryl Cole manages to make a complete balls up of exiting a car with style and sophistication as she swings her legs all over the place allowing the waiting paparazzi a great view between her legs for a panty upskirt shot.

Check out Cheryl’s pecs… er, I mean breasts

Cheryl Cole nip slipNow this is an old photograph as it shows a loved up (and quite drunk) Cheryl Cole kissing her Prince Charming, not realising it would turn him into a cheating, lying frog. The great thing about the photo though is of course the wardrobe malfunction as her top shifts aside to reveal a very small breast and a cute nipple. Oops!

Cheryl’s nipple pops out at the Style Awards

Cheryl Cole nipslipCheryl Cole showed she had less style than most when she accidentally let her right nipple out to play at the Elle Style Awards. The pretty Brit (who refuses to go back to her maiden name Cheryl Tweedy despite divorcing footballer Ashley Cole) ran the risk of a wardrobe malfunction by not wearing a bra and sure enough the eagle-eyed paparazzi got the pic they (and we) were looking for. Nice shooting boys!