Christina Ricci uses her nipples to hail a cab

Christina Ricci pokiesTrying to get a cab in the City is murder, so Christina leaves her bra at home to try and catch the attention of a passing driver. She certainly caught my attention with those perky pokies.

Camera flash + braless celeb + photoshop = topless

Christina Ricci see thruThese celebrities must know by now that not wearing a bra at night when the paparazzi are about is just going to result in embarrassing exposure. Once the flash hits the thin fabric, all it takes is some contrast and brightness adjustment in photoshop and suddenly Christina Ricci is topless in public. This photo is quite old though as she’s since had a boob reduction (some procedures should be banned) so maybe she was too young and naive to realise. Or maybe she knew full well and wanted to further her career by appearing on Braless Celebs. Yeah, that’s probably it.