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Kate Middleton nudeOh dear! Hot British royal babe Kate Middleton has been caught sunbathing topless by the paparazzi and the photos have been published, much to the royal family’s disgust. She is stupid for getting her tits out though, no matter how secluded she thought she was. This paparazzo obviously had a super zoom on his lens, he looks to be miles away and so the shots are grainy, but to be fair he captured her regal breasts. I’m not too impressed though, bit small and pancake for my liking although I’d still hit it if Prince William let me.

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Kate Middleton uppieOh dear Kate. One really should know that when one enters a car, one should keep one’s legs together so one’s knickers can’t be seen.

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Kate Middleton upskirtIf one wants to look up her royal highness’s skirt, one should look at this rather fabulous photo.

Kate Middleton caught out by a sudden gust

Kate Middleton windy upskirtPrincess Kate fails to keep her dignity on the airport runway as a gust of wind blows up her dress revealing one’s shapely royal ass.