Oops – is that Selena Gomez’s cameltoe?

Selena Gomez cameltoeAs she strolls along in her sweat pants, a paparazzo notices her cameltoe and takes a picture for us. Thanks, man.

Selena Gomez wardrobe malfunction on stage

Selena Gomez wardrobe malfunctionAs she sings her little heart out, Selena’s nipple bounces free from its confines momentarily in this erotic wardrobe malfunction picture.

Selena Gomez nip slip? Maybe…

Selena Gomez almost nip slipThere might be a hint of areola in this paparazzi pic of sexy Selena Gomez, but it’s feint. Check out the high-res pic and decide for youself.

Selena Gomez shows off her teen camel toe

Selena Gomez cameltoeSexy US teen actress and singer Selena Gomez accidentally revealed her cameltoe on stage recently. Yummy!